Somalia backs African Union action against Gambia’s Jammeh

Speaker Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari (AMISOM/Omar Abdisalan)

Somalia is urging the African Union and Economic Community of West African States to oust the Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh, who lost an election on 1 December but is now refusing to step down, according to the Speaker of the House.

Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari, the newly elected Speaker of Somalia’s House of the People, announced that Somalia welcomes a United Nations vote backing ECOWAS and the African Union to take action to end Jammeh’s rule.

Jawari decried the “dictatorship” of the long-time Gambian ruler in a post on his official Twitter page.

Jammeh last month initially acknowledged his defeat to Adama Barrow, but later rejected the result stating irregularities. Today Barrow was sworn in at the country’s embassy in neighbouring Senegal, as regional forces massed at the border to force incumbent Jammeh to quit after his election defeat.

“Yahya Jammeh‪ lost the legitimacy of world community,” the Somali MP said, adding that Somalia congratulates the new president of the country Adama Barrow on his swearing-in.