Somalia drought – widespread malnutrition

A malnourished Somali child in the town of Doolow, on Somalia's border with Ethiopia, receiving treatment. (Credit: Muse Mohammed/IOM)

Seasonal Gu rains have started in parts of Somalia, but already much damage to crops and livestock has been done. According to the United Nations’ aid office in Mogadishu, the situation is expected to worsen through June.

“The possibility of famine in 2017 persists,” the UN office reports. Somali and international relief organizations and UN agencies treated 332,000 children and women for malnutrition in March alone, 69,000 of whom were children under five who were severely malnourished.

More than a half million Somalis have fled from parched conditions toward camps or cities elsewhere in the country since November last year. Others have left the country.