Bomb misses Somalia army convoy outside Mogadishu, hits civilian truck

A view of the Afgooye-Mogadishu road in Somalia’s Lower Shabelle region during repairs in 2013 by AMISOM combat engineers (Credit: AU-UN IST / Stuart Price)

MOGADISHU – Two civilians have been killed when a roadside explosion targeting a military vehicle carrying government troops exploded outside Mogadishu, police and a witness said.

Sunday’s explosion missed an army convoy and instead hit a truck travelling through Wedow neighborhood, leaving two passengers dead, a local policeman, Farah Irro Tubane told The Messenger Africa.

Policeman Tubane says the blast had killed or wounded none of the soldiers, who were heading to towns in Lower Shabelle region.

“I can confirm to you that the blast killed two civilians and damaged a big truck hit by the explosion. We are now conducting an operation,” Tubane said.

In a phone interview with The Messenger Africa, a water vendor, Gedow Mohamud Hussein said that the blast went off minutes after the military vehicle passed, adding that he had seen charred bodies of people.

“I heard a huge bang of an explosion. Black smoke was seen floating in the sky. Some people started to run where the blast happened, in a bid to help the wounded but there were no wounded,” Hussein said.

No group has so far claimed responsibility for the explosion, but Al Shabaab militants have carried out such attacks before in and around the capital Mogadishu.

By Abdirizak Mohamud Tuuryare