Huge cache of weapons seized in Mogadishu

Somali security forces have launched a massive sweep in Mogadishu, arresting dozens of people including women on suspicion of having links with al-Shabaab.

The troops raided homes in the city’s Wadajir and Shangani districts, believed to be hideouts for the militants, who are planning to carry out terror attacks, information minister Abdurahman Omar Osman said.

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Osman says the troops had seized a cache of weapons, military uniforms and drugs during the operation, adding that the detained suspects wanted to prepare attacks in Mogadishu in the upcoming holy month of Ramadan.

“All suspects have been taken into custody and are being questioned to get more information from them,” Osman said.

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At a press conference, Somalia’s Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire welcomed the operation which was carried out by the troops, urging the public to cooperate with the authorities to deter the threat of Al Shabaab.

Photos by Mahad Mohamed Abdurahman