Somalia: Car bomb near Mogadishu seaport leaves 7 dead

MOGADISHU — A car bomb targeting a busy restaurant has left at least seven people dead and seven others wounded in Mogadishu, including mostly civilians, according to police.

Wednesday’s explosion hit a coffee shop near the city’s seaport, which is often frequented by government officials and soldiers, killing seven civilian people, policeman Mohamud Haji said.

“The main target of the blast was government officials and soldiers at the restaurant, but the explosion killed five civilians and wounded seven others,” Haji added.

Farhio Hussein, a water vendor told The Messenger Africa that her water-table had been damaged by the blast, adding that she saw bodies of four civilians lying on the ground.

A medical official Gabshaa at Madina hospital said at least 20 people were wounded in the blast and brought to the hospital, adding that two of them died there.

“It was a huge explosion which rocked my table as a speedy luxurious car laden with explosives rammed into the restaurant. Dozens of people started running from scene of the blast,” Hussein said.

Wednesday’s blast was immediately claimed by Al Shabaab on its website, saying one of its members blew up and targeted senior security officials and soldiers in the capital.

Reporting by Abdirizak Mohamud Tuuryare; photo via Twitter/@Osman_Yusuf