Somalia: Three IDPs killed by gunman in Abudwak town

File photo: Somali women at a distribution point in drought-hit Sool region, 2016 (ICRC / Ahmed Abdulkadir Said)

Three internally displaced people (IDPs) have been killed and ten others wounded during a food distribution in Abudwak town, police said.

Policeman Guleid Mohamed said that a gunman opened fire on displaced people seeking food when guards refused him to enter into the food distribution center.

Mohamed told The Messenger Africa that the guards suspected the attacker would try to steal some of the food aid. “It was carnage. He randomly shot everyone. The dead bodies were left on the ground and others were bleeding,” Mohamed said.

Mohamed says the gunman immediately escaped from the crime scene but he vowed that he will be arrested soon.

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Head of social services in the town Muse Mohamed said at least three people had been killed and ten others wounded in Sunday’s incident.

Mohamed called on government soldiers to launch a manhunt to find and arrest the culprit.

The drought in Somalia has decimated harvests and livestock in the war-torn country, posing the threat of renewed famine six years after a similar crisis in which 260,000 people died in 2011.

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