BAIDOA – Three men accused of killing against a well-know elder have been arrested by police in Somalia’s Baidoa town.

The suspects were detained in an operation following the assassination of an electoral delegate in the town last Friday, police captain Mahad Abdurahman Aden said.

The deceased elder, whose name has been released as Sheikh Mohamed Deir was gunned down in a mosque near his home in Towfik neighborhood in the town, Aden added.

“Today, we nabbed these killers. They (the suspects) were still armed with pistols,” Aden told journalists in Baidoa town, adding that the detainees will be put on trial soon.

He says police will continue operations against Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab militants, whom he said are hiding in villages around Baidoa town.

Al Shabaab had vowed to target thousands of elders who had served as electoral delegates in parliamentary elections held in towns in south and central Somalia.

Attack in Bal’ad

Meanwhile on Thursday, a roadside bomb tore through a military vehicle carrying government soldiers in Bal’ad town about 36 km northeast of Mogadishu.

Policeman Geddi Madia told The Messenger Africa that militants also skirmished with the soldiers. At least three soldiers were killed and several wounded, while several Al Shabaab fighters were also killed.

The military vehicle was heading to Jowhar town when the attack happened. Madia added that the injured soldiers were taken into hospitals in the capital of Mogadishu.

Fighters from Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab have been carrying out such attacks against government forces and African Union troops for the past months.

Reporting by Abdirizak Mohamud Tuuryare

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