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Bloomberg: Oromia Plans Oil Company to Address Youth Unemployment

June 21

The Oromia regional state is planning a new private oil company and is in talks to import Middle Eastern crude, part of an economic initiative authorities say will address youth unemployment.

Oromia Petroleum Share Co., the planned venture, will import the oil via Djibouti, process it at a new large-scale refinery and distribute it to gas stations owned and operated by local youths, Takele Uma, head of the region’s transport authority, said in an interview.

Potentially creating more than 50,000 jobs, it will build a transportation network initially benefiting farmers and manufacturers in the Oromia region who send their products to the capital, Addis Ababa, and other cities, he said.

Find the full story here: http://www.fanabc.com/english/index.php/news/item/9274-oromia-plans-oil-company-to-address-youth-unemployment

Fana BC: 35 People Charged with Attempting Terrorist Attacks in Amhara Region

June 20

Ethiopian prosecutors have charged 35 people with inciting violence and attempting to carry out terrorist attacks on civilians, government buildings and security forces in north and south Gondar zones of Amhara regional state.

The suspects are accused of being part of the Ginbot 7 network and receiving $800,000 from the exiled, banned group.

Find the full story here: http://www.fanabc.com/english/index.php/news/item/9269-35-individuals-charged-with-attempting-to-carry-out-terror-attacks

The Reporter: Fall Armyworm Affects 150,000 Hectares of Maize, May Worsen Hunger

June 17, Birhanu Fikade

The fall armyworm now affects 150,000 hectares in six regions after appearing in Ethiopia in February.

The government has allocated 45 million birr for the purchase of pesticides and so far 100,000 liters of chemical pesticides have been distributed to the affected areas.

New to Ethiopia, the voracious army of insects invades some 100 crops, including soybeans, groundnuts and potatoes.

It’s feared it could worsen food security in a nation that’s already left 7.8 million people needing assistance because of drought.

Find the full story here: http://www.thereporterethiopia.com/content/fall-armyworm-infests-vast-farms

The Reporter: Opposition Suggests Changes to Anti-Terror Laws at Political Dialogue

Yohannes Anberbir, June 17

Opposition parties have suggested changes to anti-terrorism, media and civil society laws should be on the agenda for a political parties dialogue.

They also tabled discussing issues such as the State of Emergency proclamation, which is currently being implemented, justice sector reform and freeing all political prisoners.

The ruling coalition has asked the opposition parties to provide explanations for why the forum should discuss amending the laws.

Find the full story here: http://www.thereporterethiopia.com/content/political-parties-haggle-over-agenda

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