MOGADISHU – At least 8 people were killed on Saturday when Somali government troops allegedly opened fire on a civilian vehicle traveling outside Mogadishu.

The victims were carrying a dead body to burial ground in Alamada area about 16 km southwest of the capital city of Mogadishu, witness Jama’ Hamza said.

Hamza told The Messenger Africa that the incident took place near an army checkpoint.

“I was driving behind a vehicle which was sprayed with bullets by the Somali troops over unknown reason. We wanted to burry a corpse at the graveyard near Mogadishu,” Hamza said.

He says five people of the same family were among those killed in Saturday’s shooting, adding that the wounded had been taken into hospitals in the capital.

No word was available from Somali military officials over the bloodshed.

The incident is another example of how dangerous travel can be for civilians in the area around Somalia’s Mogadishu capital.  Last week, three people were killed and six others wounded when a roadside explosion hit a minibus carrying civilians outside Mogadishu.

Reporting by Abdirizak Mohamud Tuuryare

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