MARKA – Three people from same family have been found shot to death and five others injured near Marka town, about 109 km southwest of Mogadishu.

The shooting happened July 9th in Gandarshe area, which lies just about 10 km north of the coastal town of Marka, says Ibrahim Sheikh Mohamud, a relative of the victims.

“It’s heartbreaking when members of a family were killed and injured by gunmen. I don’t know why they were targeted,” Mohamud told The Messenger Africa.

He says the attackers escaped from the crime scene, adding that all injured people were taken into hospitals in the capital Mogadishu. The reason for the civilian killing remains unknown.

There was no word from police and local authorities in the area over the tragic shooting near the town of Marka.

Two bomb experts killed in an explosion outside Bosaso town

Somalia’s armed group of Al Shabaab claimed to have killed on Monday at least two bomb disposal experts in the semi-autonomous state of Puntland outside Bosaso town.

The group also vows to ramp up its attacks against military bases and other key buildings in the town of Bosaso.

The claim made by group came hours after scores of armed Al Shabaab militants were killed in an attack launched by Puntland military troops at Galgal mountains near Bosaso town.

Reporting by Abdirzak Mohamud Tuuryare

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