Somalia: Two soldiers killed in ambush near Baladweyne

BALADWEYNE – At least two government soldiers were killed and three others wounded on Friday in an Al Shabaab ambush attack on a military base near Baladweyne town.

The group’s fighters launched an attack on the base in Farlibah area, about 45 km west of the town, according to police officer Mohamud Yusuf Mohamed. He added that two military soldiers were killed in the attack.

Mohamed told The Messenger Africa that two female aid workers were taken alive, saying that two military vehicles were also seized by the militants during the surprise attack.

“We confirmed the death of two soldiers and 3 others injured in Al Shabaab ambush attack. The militants took two women working for Mine Action. Two military battle-wagons were also seized,” he said.

The victims were taken into hospital in Baladweyne town, about 335 km north of Somalia’s capital Mogadishu

The armed fighters reportedly returned to Buq Aqable area which is located about 90 km south of Beledweyn town, according to police officer Mohamed.

The group’s fighters have been launching hit-and-run assaults on army bases manned by government soldiers and African Union peacekeepers in towns in central Somalia.

Reporting by Abdirizak Mohamud Tuuryare