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Journalist-run, subscriber-supported, donor-boosted, reader-responsive

  • Journalist-run: We are founded by actual journalists and not beholden to corporate or political interests. This means we can offer independent perspectives free of governmental or political interference and imposition, and we can reinvest our earnings into our journalism rather than paying it out to stockholders or investors.
  • Subscriber-supported: We aim to cover our major operational costs through subscription sales, providing a recurring revenue source generated through reader loyalty and trust rather than corporate advertising sales or sponsor payouts
  • Donor-boosted: We selectively solicit small grants and gifts from foundation and private donors for time-limited projects to boost our reporting, improve the journalism climate, assist our partners, or build up in-house capacities for strategic advantage.
  • Reader-responsive: We aim to engage with, inform, and learn from our readers and podcast listeners, answering your questions and taking your suggestions via our website, social platforms, email and chat, and, where possible, at events and meet-ups. Although you may not agree with everything we write or say, our hope is that in the end you’ll find yourself a more informed citizen, a more articulate conversationalist, and a happy and engaged subscriber.